Strategy & Innovation

Strategy isn’t about succeeding now, it’s about winning the future.

It’s not just your team and business that needs the right strategy. Every individual should also have their own strategy, too.

The key is to accurately predict the future. It all starts with 4 key questions.

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Being Commercial

Quality clients want expertise delivered, with commercial acumen.

Maximising profitability requires your key people to be commercial, in how they do their work.

Clients prefer professionals who are commercial in their approach. Commerciality also boost profits. Win-win.

The key is helping your key people master and apply core commercial skills, in their day to day work.

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Maximising Profitability

Profit isn’t just a number, it’s a resource.

Combined with effective cash flow, it’s fuel that supplies benefits to business owners and employees. It also supplies valuable benefits to clients, that they can’t get from the competition.

The key is to make sure that your key people understand their role, in helping the business create profit and cash.

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Enhancing Client Relationships

Clients define value, not their advisors.

Clients use different criteria to evaluate you, the team and the business.

That’s how they differentiate, between you and the competition.

Let me help your business unlock, understand & communicate ‘value’, to your key clients. And potential new ones, as well.

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Communicating & Influencing

In the business world, all communication is strategic.

Each communication must be prepared with a specific objective, audience and context in mind. Even better, as part of a structured influencing program.

The key to achieving your objective is choosing the best communication tool and then using proven communication techniques, with scientific principles of influence.

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1-1: Coaching & Mentoring

All great professionals need to invest in a trusted adviser, to help them succeed.

The modern business world is uncertain, stressful and can be overwhelming.

I use a structured method to (confidentially) help business owners, managers and employees navigate uncertainty and thrive in chaos, staying on top of their game.

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